Our Church

"To act justly, to love mercifully, and to walk humbly with our God."

We are a Mission in the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin. We are Evangelical Anglo-Catholics believing Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and we believe in the Authority of Holy Scripture as God's word to us.

Father Roger Riggsby received his Bachelor of Theological Studies in June of 1987. In December of that year he was Ordained to the Diaconate. He continued his studies at the School of Ministry in the Diocese of San Joaquin, and did his Sabbatical studies at Oxford University, Oxford England. He was assigned by Bishop John David Schofield to start a mission church in Northern San Joaquin County in June of 2008, and in December of 2008 he was Ordained into the priesthood. He has served as the Vicar of St. Anselm's since its inception.

Roger's secular background includes sales management for business operations for multi-national companies from 1970 to 1992, when he became an International Sales and Marketing Consultant. He semi-retired from the profession in 2011.

Roger is married to Joyce Riggsby and they have four children and five grandchildren.

  • Bishops Warden: Gary Adams
  • Bishop's Committee: Father Roger Riggsby, Mark Montgomery, David Haas, Linda Bergman, Connie Haaland, Gary Adams, and Laurie Schumacher
  • Secretary/Clerk: Sue Haas
  • Treasurer: Debbie Staley
  • Outreach Chairman: Candy Drennan
  • Alter Guild: Joyce Riggsby
  • Lay Ministers Leader: Lorraine Romanko
  • Social Chairman: Connie Haaland
  • Adult Education: Ed Marlowe
  • Music Ministry: Ron Peoples
  • Sexton: Don Drennon

Who Was St. Anselm?

The person that was St. Anselm is highly regarded in both the Roman and Anglican Catholic faiths. There are many churches throughout the world that have named themselves after the theologian. But who was this leader of the faith?

The Oxford Dictionary of British History notes that St. Anselm, (1033-1109) was Archbishop of Canterbury (1093-1109). Anselm was born at Aosta in northern Italy. While the entry tells us of his theological dissertations, the Columbia Encyclopedia delves a little deeper into his persona.

Anselm was prelate in Normandy and England, archbishop of Canterbury, and Doctor of the Church. After a carefree youth of travel and schooling in Burgundy he became a disciple and companion of Lanfranc, the famed theologian and prior of the monastery at Bec, which Anselm soon joined (1060). Anselm became prior (1063) and abbot (1078) and brought widespread fame to the school there. Monastic holdings in England drew him into English public life, and he won the esteem of William the Conqueror. When Lanfranc died, Anselm succeeded him as Archbishop of Canterbury (1093).

He disputed the right of William II to invest him, reserving this for Pope Urban II, whom William refused to recognize. Anselm momentarily overcame the king's intransigence and took the pallium from Urban's legate. Anselm's further reform-minded efforts to free the church from ecclesiastical abuses met stiff resistance. When he went to Rome for support, William banished him and confiscated the diocesan properties. At the Council of Bari (1098) Anselm ably defended the Filioque of the creed in the East-West controversy on the procession of the Holy Spirit.

Henry I of England recalled Anselm, who proved valuable in arranging Henry's marriage to Matilda of Scotland and in gaining the support of the barons for the king in his dispute with Robert of Normandy. Conflict over lay investiture now broke out, however, and Anselm refused to consecrate bishops and abbots nominated by the king. He was again banished while appealing in Rome. Anselm eventually won (1107) Henry's agreement to surrender the right of investiture in exchange for homage from church revenues-a compromise that strengthened papal authority in the English church.

Anselm's writings mark him as one of the founders of scholasticism. A strict Augustinian, operating from the formula fides quaerens intellectum (faith seeking understanding), he believed in an essential harmony between revelation and reason. He was the first to incorporate elements of rational Aristotelian dialectics into theology. His precision and mystical insight give permanent value to such works as Cur Deus Homo? (1094-98), on the atonement. He constructed rational proofs for God's existence in Monologium (c.1070), and in the sequel Proslogium he advanced his famous ontological proof, which deduces God's existence from the human notion of a perfect being in whom nothing is lacking. In De Fide Trinitatis he defended universals against the nominalist Roscelin. He taught the Immaculate Conception of Mary in De Conceptu Virginali and is said to have instituted that feast in England. Feast: Apr. 21.


Announcements & Events

  • BIBLE STUDY: To Be Announced.
  • St. Anselm's New Phone Number: Our church now has a new phone number. It is (916) 756-7013. A message may be left for Father Roger or any of the Bishop Committee members. The voicemail will be checked regularly.
  • St. Anselm's Church Directory: Our church directory is published every quarter. For additions and corrections to the directory you will find an envelope on the notice table. Submit your addition or correction in writing and put them in the envelope. Thank you.
  • PRAYER CHAIN: Linda Bergmann has started a prayer chain. Call (916) 392-2050 or send us an email at with your prayer request and the team of prayer warriors will offer up your prayer request to the Lord.
  • PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE: A new list for August is located on the back counter for next Sunday, call (916) 688-5640 or email your prayer request to Omera Peoples at at the beginning of each month. This list starts over each month.
  • OUR ON GOING DONATIONS: Make checks payable to St. Anselm and in the memo line enter the organization to receive the donation. For more information please see or call Candy Drennan at (916) 686-2313.
  • RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE: Tabs from sodas, beer, soup and other cans.
  • ELK GROVE FOOD BANK: Monetary donations for the EG Food Bank gathered on the fourth Sunday of each month.
  • GRAMMA HUGS, INTERNATIONAL: Small stuffed animals, small toiletries and monies for materials, bring to church on the last Sunday of each month.

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